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return of the auric canine

yes, more golden retriever appearances in my dream last night. i was in some magical land. not magical in a candyland type way, but just magical in that shimmering, confusing dream way. i don't know where i was but it was foresty and green and lush. and there were a lot of strange bedrooms connected in weird ways and growing and growing. every time i thought i had been to every room in the house, the house grew new wings and sprouted new twists and turns. it was a building that changed and mutated with every step.

what i was doing there was trying to find a room to be alone with my lover -- a human dog hybrid that changed as much as the landscape. i'm not even sure whether it was male or female. it was just a dream of vagaries and searches. every time we thought we were alone, someone appeared and i kept on with my search.

i had just found a room with swinging saloon type doors and left someone to guard it while i went back to find my dogman lover when my alarm went off.

my alarm has a way of doing that.
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