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fascist community and sea creatures

i dreamt i was stuck in a fascist community from which i couldn't escape. it was extremeley big brother -- everything was monitored. we lived in a weird dorm-type room. i realized that the community was doing some kind of testing on us, or something and i was able to locate a document that proved it. i quickly made a copy of the document on a copy machine in my room (why i had a copy machine in a big brother commune is beyond me...). i pinned it to the inside of one of my sweatshirt jackets, hanging in the closet, so i could hide it from the overlords.

then, my dad showed up and we planned an escape. i got all my stuff together in boxes, so it would look like i was just moving it around and not trying to escape. then we headed down to the train station and i got on a train. suddenly, it started moving, leaving my dad behind. i was stuck in this train car with some random guy...

the next part of the dream involved the sea slug, aplysia. i somehow found one and wanted to keep it as a pet. i found various different containers to keep it in -- first a small one, and then larger and larger as i realized it really needed a place to swim around.

i was woken up by shmoo trying to escape through my window, so i didn't have more time to spend with my cute little aplysia...
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