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maudio makes house calls

i dreamt that i called the m-audio support line to get some help setting up my uc33-e (which i really do own). they actually sent someone to my house (my house in san diego -- it looked like) but all he did was sit around and kind of chill while i set it up myself. i asked him questions and he just kind of didn't know what he was talking about.

the other part of my dream involved riding on the emery-go-round. the woman driving it had no idea where she was going, and she ended up missing a turn and therefore missing a stop. a bunch of us mutinied and yelled at her to go the right way. eventually one of the other girls on the bus took over and tried to drive us back the way we came. we ended up in some fancy restaurant -- someone was going to buy us all $27 dollar lunches. but i talked them out of it and went off in search of my own lunch. i realized i only had 15 minutes left before i needed to be back at work. i went up to the emery-go-round driver and totally bitched her out for making me late and for missing all the poor people who were obviously waiting for the bus.

later in the dream (or earlier?) i was walking through the middle east with some friends. we saw a woman abandon an opium pipe and so we picked it up. there was still some opium inside. i smoked some and passed the pipe along...

this is what i get for playing half life 2 right before bed...
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