und Keine Eier (thecolorblue) wrote in rem_nants,
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i dreamed i was walking around my neighborhood (a total dream neighborhood -- never anywhere i've actually lived) when i came across this young girl standing on the sidewalk, looking distressed. i asked her what was going on and, apparently, both her parents had been killed. well, her dad had been killed and her mom has disappeared. the dream was set on the pretext that there had been some kind of alien invasion or war or something of that nature (i've been playing half life 2....).

anyway, i brought the girl home with me (after walking around her house a bit and realizing everyone there was definitely gone -- somehow this little girl had survived 2 weeks on her own) to take care of her. i don't remember much after this point -- just some driving around with the girl and feeling really sorry for her. i do recall taking a shower with her in my actual bathroom (i remember the distinctive ikea shower curtain). i felt really motherly/sisterly in the dream.

maybe i'm longing for some family contact...
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