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i guess i'm having sex with all my friends

i dreamt that i was wandering through this incredibly depressed looking midwestern town (something i pulled out of my memory of growing up in detroit, maybe?). i ended up in this ramshackle, big, heavily wooden house. miri lived there. i wanted very much to have sex with her, so i pressured her until we started making out, taking off each other clothes. and then she stuck a vibrating HAIR BRUSH where the sun don't shine...yes i remember in great detail how not sexy and uncomfortable that experience was.

then, her boyfriend walked in. yes, in my dream she had a boyfriend. i heard him entering the house and i said "maybe we should stop. i think your boyfriend's here." and she shrugged it off and kept on with the hair brush. "look, we should really stop." i insisted as he walked into the room. he vaguely freaked out and she rushed to put her clothes on and soothe him.

i gathered in the dream that she didn't really like him, she just felt pressured to be with him -- by him and by society.

the last thing i remember is him looking at me with his big eyes and he said "i don't know how i feel about these miscreant* relationships."

*it wasn't miscreant but it was a word that started with "m" but i don't remember what word it was...
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