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i step out of my skin

i didn't remember my dream last night until i was just now going into the bathroom at work. i was thinking about my phone etiquette and how i feel comfortable talking to people in a very impromptu, improvisatory situation. then, i remembered that part of my dream last night centered on having to give a 20 minute lecture on the history of electronic dance music. i had all these random notes i thought about referring to, but i realized i could probably do it all on my own -- in a very impromptu, improvisatory manner. weird how having the same thought during my waking life brings me back to a moment of dream life...

anyway, another weird dream thing that happened to me yesterday has to do with the cats. i walked into the living room and i heard the cat meowing. i looked around and she was sleeping soundly underneath the coffee table. she was just meowing (loudly) in her sleep. does that mean she was dreaming? presumably, cats dream, since they enter REM sleep. but, since dreams are so subjective, we can't ever know because we can't get a cat's eye verbal report of dreams. FURTHERMORE (and most importantly) your body (and cats' bodies) completely shut down during REM sleep -- all muscles lose tone. that means that the cat couldn't possibly have been in REM sleep while she was meowing. especially since she did this remarkably cute acrobatic twist afterward...

however, i doubt the conclusion scientists have come to that REM sleep is when dreams occur. i have a feeling that dreams happen in a much less temporally localized manner...anyone have any thoughts they want to share?
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