und Keine Eier (thecolorblue) wrote in rem_nants,
und Keine Eier


very strange dream last night (aren't they all?) in which i spent a while walking through a swampy area with renee. suddenly, we saw a huge snake. we both screamed and got away from it quickly. however, soon we ended up in a darkened room. as soon as i turned the lights on, it was clear renee was about to be attacked by a very large snake. the snake curled around her leg and she couldn't get it to let go. it bit her and i was full of fear that it would be poisonous. however, she didn't die or even seem affected by venom. i laid her down to take a look at the bite and some guy walked in (some kind of ranger type person) who said he would go off to get the snake bite kit. i asked him if i should try to suck the venom out and he kind of laughed at me. i felt like i was in pulp fiction, for a moment, but i think my mind was confusing quentin tarrentino movies, because the snakes show up in kill bill...don't ask how i made this connection -- somehow, i just knew.

this isn't the first time predatory snakes have shown up in my dreams. i know what freud would say, but i really don't think that's what they symbolize to me. so what do they symbolize? or are they just animals i occasionally dream vividly about?
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