und Keine Eier (thecolorblue) wrote in rem_nants,
und Keine Eier

ice cream

i have been having lots of strange dreams recently. most of them, i haven't even been able to remember. it seems like my alarm coupled with a cup of coffee serve to wipe all of that away from memory. i know i haven't been recording them here, either, and for that i feel ashamed. but hopefully i will start remembering them and writing them down and, from writing them down, remember them even better. brush the dust off the cogs...

this morning, i remember dreaming about gelato -- very tasty gelato at that -- in between both alarms. a few days ago, i dreamt i was eating a whole tub of reeses pnut butter cup ice cream. apparently, i have a sweet tooth in my subconscious.

what would freud say?
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