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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
1:07p - death on campus
so i'm taking my psych 120 final and it's a big booklet that is filled with ads and all kinds of weird stuff. i can't even find the questions i'm supposed to answer and when i finally do, they're so inane i don't even know how to answer them. they have nothing to do with the class!

i decide i'm fed up and want to complain about the class to the admin. so i go to find this woman named bitsy, who is apparently somehow associated with the cog sci major. i go up in an elevator in which you have to log in with your student id, and then it charges you based on which floor you go to. no one knows where bitsy's office is, and the whole floor is weirdly arranged...

eventually, i find her and she tells me to come back later. so i go searching for carol snow, who is, in waking life, the cog sci advisor. i get to the building and there are loads of people waiting to go up on the elevator, but i somehow sneak ahead of them and get up to carol snow's office. she is counseling some people -- my parents, maybe? -- but then eventually will speak to me.

i don't remember if we talk or not. the next thing i remember is that there's some kind of alert in the building and we're all told to evacuate. there is a monster or something downstairs.

i get out of the building without running into the monster, but eventually i see him. he's just a regular guy, but when he touches you, it burns you and you're then infected. he burned and infected me.

and that's all i really remember...

current mood: crazy

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