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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
12:51p - pretty girls make graves
seems to be the theme of my dreams last night...

i had a baby. so i put it in my backpack to carry it around with me. i went into hot topic, looking for the hot girl who works there, and ran into indigo instead. we chatted a bit and i tried my best to let her know i was interested in her, without seeming to desparate. (in waking life, yesterday, i actually DID see indigo bike riding past me. we waved.)
i got home and opened my back pack and the baby had died. it was all blue and purple and disturbing looking. i started crying and screaming and then i went up to julia and asked her what to do with it. i guess i thought she was the health worker (even though liz is). she said just to throw it away, that that was fine. i asked her to come with me because i felt like i couldn't do it on my own. instead, alex came along and he grabbed the baby from me and took it into a lab and put it on a conveyor belt. there was a black woman there directing the lab and she got very upset. meanwhile, i was screaming at alex. i was so upset.

the next dream i remember involved claire and gabriel from six feet under (yeah...i dunno). for a while, i was watching an episode and claire was in the counselor's office, but this time it was a different woman counseling her. claire was screaming something about not wanting to go to the same school as somebody. the counselor told her to leave and take a table with her for their new baby. (i have no idea.) so claire walks out with a big table. it is dark outside.
the next thing i remember is reading an e-mail from gabriel about watching my dogs (my actual dogs, although he called sadie "rachel") having sex in my backyard.
then, i guess i turned into claire and gabriel was there waiting for me after school. i was pissed at him at first and walked up to this snazzy car, pretending it was mine. i got in the car (it was a fancy red sports car) and he got in as well and then i turned to him and said "let's fuck in this car." so we started going at it, then i stopped being claire and i was just watching again. before they got too far, the actual owner of the car came up and started freaking out.
at some point, some korean men tried to steal the table and i went running after them telling "es por el nino." i don't know why i was speaking in spanish to the koreans, but they seemed to understand and gave us the table back.
the actual owner of the car then came chasing after us and i wrestled the knives she was brandishing out of her hands. she and i started kind of making out but she was being really weird, like she didn't want to be touched but she did.
we all went over to claire's place and sat around the dining room table -- there were two other girls, as well -- and all this candy was laid out in front of us. we were all joking around, planning on getting high and drunk and eating all this candy when her mom came down and started being very strange, as her mom is.
the last thing i remember about this dream is trying to smoke pot out of my bong, and looking at gabe's pills, which were depakote and something else.

somewhere in here was also a dream about loki and his last name. he had some french looking last name, but i thought it was breton. he didn't know. his girlfriend wrote it out in ipa on a blackboard. i don't remember what it was, but i think it was like the name of the guy in amelie -- "kikompouzs" or something like that. definitely it ended in "ouzs."


i can't believe i remembered that many dreams, maybe because i kept waking up and deciding not to go to class.

current mood: curious

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