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dream_sharing_community's Journal

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Friday, October 31st, 2003
12:42a - The FBI and the Clairvoyant
I had to leave, for the FBI were walking up the steps to take me to prison for the crime I didn't commit. But first I decided to take my English-Italian dictionary. I realized I would need my English dictionary to use in conjunction with the bilingual one to make any sense of it all.

Afterwards, happily escaped, I ate pad thai with seafood with some elderly black women. One offered a prawn to the other, and she replied, "You know I'm a nigger - we're all allergic to that shit."

I left and began talking with the women's receptionist, and we had a quaint little conversation. Outside, the FBI were listening to their favorite sitcom on the radio, and heard the exact same conversation (that I and the receptionist had) being had between the main characters. Their eyes widened as they realized that I certainly was a clairvoyant, dashing their case to the grounds.

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9:21a - harumph
i don't remember my dreams from last night. yet, anyway. maybe they'll come back later in the day.

like yesterday, as soon as alex walked into section, i realized i had had a dream about cleaning the dining room. it was basically one of those anxiety dreams. i was trying to get ready for halloween, and clean the dining room (which, in waking life, i have signed up to do this evening) and somehow get to new york on time.

i remember running around new york with scott, looking for something. but after that, the memory is blank.

maybe i don't remember any dreams from last night because i've been taking melatonin to help me sleep, and last night, i skipped it.

current mood: cold

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