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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
10:45a - this one warrants it
i've been having loads of strange dreams recently, but i have been too busy to write them down. this one really takes the cake, however.

i was staying with two young kids who kept getting attacked at night by some otherwordly visitor, who would do strange sexual things to them. i figure out that it's an incubus and that he has to have sex with a set number of people -- 41 -- before he is taken care of (by taken care of, i'm not exactly sure what happens to him, but he goes away).

so i, ever valiant and horny, go out to fuck the incubus. i meet him as he's coming into the children's room and i seduce him and side-track him. as we're fucking, he realizes that i'm number 41 and that, after he is done with me, he will be "taken care of" and never again allowed to molest the poor children. he's not really that angry, because he's just grateful to be fucking a nice and willing young woman.

by the way, there was nothing at all sexy about this incubus. in fact, he really looked like a balding, fat old man. sigh.

anyway, so that's over and then the next thing that happens is someone who looks like jesse from my lab gets kidnapped and strung up for all to see. also, his car is taken. i can't remember whether it was the incubus or someone else, but whoever it was who did it, i found his wife and held nail scissors to her neck until he let jesse go. he also gave him some money to replace the car.

that's all i remember.

current mood: rejuvenated

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