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dream_sharing_community's Journal

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Monday, October 13th, 2003
12:13p - bizarrity
i've been having fucking weird dreams recently. er. fuck recently. i've always had weird dreams.

so friday i came home after school, finished some production on my new track and then lay down to take a nap. livi and jason were out on the balcony, outside my window throwing shit off the balcony and making a bit of noise. there were also some people up on the roof galavanting around and making a terrible racket. so, needless to say, my sleep was not the best.

anyway, earplugs in and off i went to slumber land, to dream this random post-apocalyptic dream. i was in some flat in europe, except it was in berkeley. but i swear, it was europe. i went to meet amber (weedlover) at a bus stop and we kept hugging and talking about our plans. i told her i had to meet mars at 7 for dinner (which was true in waking life) and so we didn't have too long to hang. i ran into some gay men, who were my upstairs neighbors in my flat and some friends of theirs. for some reason, i knew the people upstairs were into really weird kinky vampire stuff. i'm not sure about the details, but it was very interview with the vampire-esque.

so that happened. and then i was standing outside my flat, all alone, and there was this big metal statue -- a bust of some old white man. i started talking to it and it responded. i asked it was 42 divided by 6 was and it answered "300." i knew it was a broken robot. i then looked across the street to see a big robot truck with robotic arms picking up trash. then, another big robot truck came along and it started to communicate with the first truck by clamping their robotic arms together.

i just had another weird dream this morning, but i can't remember it right now. maybe it will come back suddenly like deja vu when i'm reminded of it by something later today. or maybe not.

current mood: lethargic

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