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dream_sharing_community's Journal

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
11:24a - snooze
i think i hit snooze too much to remember my dreams, because i know i've been having really vivid dreams, but i can't recall them when i finally wake up.

i know that last night's dream was incredibly involved, but the only part that comes to mind is that i was sitting at a table eating with two other people. one of them asked me if i'd seen hedwig and the angry inch, the movie, to which the other person and i just laughed. i made some sarcastic comment about "ooh yeah it's not like my sister is in it or anything."

dammit! i know there's more to the dream than that. it's like writer's block, or deja vu, or that feeling you get when you try SO DAMN HARD to remember a word or name or event and just can't. it's right there, on the tip of my cortex. i just can't get to it.

damn. maybe i'll stop pushing snooze. that way, i can remember my dreams (maybe) and actually get to work on time for once!

current mood: aggravated

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4:02p - The Shark Aquarium
[Previous night's reading: From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell]

I am in an odd amusement park of sorts, though little amusement is going on. It's not an open Coney Island type of place, but rather a convoluted set of tan rooms. I am in the Shark Aquarium. The shark aquarium is a multi-level room. It's rather small, perhaps 20 by 14 feet. One enters the room on the raised level, and stairs descend into the "tank", which is really simply the lower part of the room. The tank is about 4 feet deep and filled with a liquid that looks more like a fog. Large ferns jut out of the tank all over.

Rather disconcerting is the fact that the tank is full of about 5 great white sharks, which can't at all move due to lack of space (though they don't asphyxiate). Furthermore, people are going swimming in the tank and being ripped apart by the eternally frenzied sharks. I am terrified and refuse to jump in, though everyone looks like they're having fun. Soon, one of the sharks is pulled out of the tank by crane and set upon the ground, where a man guts it. The man relishes his task. Soon, everyone begins to jump on the hollow corpse.

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