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dream_sharing_community's Journal

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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
6:00p - Water Wheel
In a diseased racked land, my best friend and I walked, fearing the oncoming flood. To protect ourselves from the impending disaster, we searched for suitable caves (for the air pockets which would be created by water filled caves would be suitable for living in). We quickly found one (occupied by John Lithgow), the waters came, causing me to drop the mystical conch shell that was under our protection. Soon, the land became an ocean - yachts swam like sharks in the distance. We came upon a wooden bridge, a massive half-circle with a radius of a hundred feet or more breaking the surface of the turbulant seas. We approached it and walked to the top, yelling to the boats to save us (for we were sailors and knew the ropes - or so we said). Soon, however, the bridge began to move beneath us, for it was not a bridge at all but a wooden wheel jutting out of the water. By walking, we could move through the water, albeit slowly, towards safety.

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