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dream_sharing_community's Journal

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
9:53a - last night
dreamt about some boy i have never met. we were both staying in some hotel...we were trying to have sex...i was borrowing condoms...for some reason (fire? other disaster?) we never got around to it.
makes me wonder where people you dream about come from? it's like playing god!

the other dream i remember was about my mom. we were eating at some restaurant in napier, and i kept insisting we should have gone somewhere else, or back to wellington. they served us chicken, even though we told them we were vegetarians. and my mom ate the chicken! i spent the whole time complaining, even after the people we met (who included my father!!!) came and joined us at our table outside. the food was vaguely asian of some sort. then my alarm clock woke me up...i hate waking up in the middle of dreams, it not only makes me feel groggy and unrested, but makes the dream shorter. granted, this was a stupid dream, and i hear 90% of people are more likely to remember a dream if woken up in the middle of it (at least, in the middle of REM sleep) than in other stages of sleep. it is the weirdest feeling, though.

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