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Thursday, May 15th, 2003
The most memorable part of my dream was when I was playing organ for my fraternity for some function, and then I remember pulling three "snobs" (that was a dream-combination of the words "knob", "stop", and "snout", though snout isn't even a relevant word) and then started playing some dance music, and all the guys started dancing around in the pews. Sort of like the big party in the Matrix Reloaded I think because of the stops I had pulled, some of the organ keys would play a dance beat by themselves if I just held them down. But I was also playing some rhythms on a C major triad in first inversion. (Basis in reality: I normally used to play the organ at the seminary where we did initiation for my fraternity, but last spring I couldn't be there, so my friend Justin played instead. After the ceremony was done, he started playing "Take On Me" by Aha on the organ.)

I think this was all taking place in a big shopping mall, where I was staying over for several nights, because in other parts of my dream, I was wandering from one end to the other of this mall (or whatever it was). I had just bought Civilization III (though I actually got it over a year ago) and I remember there were a lot of non-computer parts of the game in my dream. I think it involved booklets and perhaps big dice or something. I can't totally remember. But I was studying those things for a while as I wandered around in this big place and hung out with people. Right at the end of the dream I know I was talking to a few of my friends from Stanford who were applying to CS grad school (in actuality, one of them already got in and the other I can remember from the dream isn't doing CS), and they were thinking the number of people applying might jump into the 100,000's next year. Sandra thought this might actually give her a better chance, because there couldn't be too many girls among those hundreds of thousands. I also remember running into people from high school (I think) in one of these places. And looking around for my next day's change of clothes, because I couldn't remember which end of the building I had left my stuff at the night before. Someone else was getting out some nice bright blue clothes, but I can't remember who it was.

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