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dream_sharing_community's Journal

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Thursday, May 8th, 2003
3:35p - anxiety dream
i've been having a lot of anxiety dreams recently. gah!
so last last night -- this being the night of tuesday may 7th, or early morning may 8th, if you will -- i had a dream in which i woke up and was late to work. i somehow figured out that my cell phone was two hours slow and that had somehow caused me to be late to everything -- and consequently to miss work. i was running around campus wearing my bath towel, high heel shoes (that i don't own) and some cool, punky thigh highs. basically the equivalent to a naked dream. add to all this that i kept trying to call into work but i couldn't get the number right!
i was having a very fraught sleep that night, anyway, and had taken a valium to calm down and sleep but i have to say that this dream seems to stem from the pressure of finals, the argument i had with my boyfriend that night and all the other stresses i've been going through. there is a reason why we call them anxiety dreams, right?
i wonder what these have to do with? is it our brain's attempt to difuse unwanted stress? are the images and ideas of the dream tied to waking life -- are there things that manifest themselves in our dreams that come directly from waking life, or do they change their meanings once they enter our dream life?
big questions...no one knows any answers...but i hear it's important to ask the big questions first and maybe even asking questions is more important than getting answers. but some answers would be kind of cool...
...dreams are so subjective! the mind is so subjective! sometimes i wonder if there's even a point to studying it if their can be no fully functional scientific explanation because any objective view of the mind will sweep away the most important subjective aspects of it -- eg qualia?

current mood: contemplative

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3:49p - unfortunately
i can't remember my dream from last night...but i have some vague images from it...why the night before and not last night?

current mood: confused

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