Liza (perpulfrog) wrote in rem_nants,

craziest dream in a long time

I had the weirdest dream. It had to do with my ex-boyfriends daughter dying. She died and I had to help with the  autopsy. This isn't like unusual as far as the autopsy thing, that's work, sort of. But they didn't cut her open in the usual manner and they stitched her belly up in this weird pattern. The dream turned odd after this.
Somehow i was outside with her body and an indian (Native American old school style) riding a gorgeous redbrown horse with a white star on its fore head and and white hooves flew out of the sky and scooped her up on to the back of the horse and she was back ing her pink disney princesses nightgown. The Indian looked down and told me she needed to say goodbye to her father first. So he handed her back to me, Now she was just in underwear again I guess because you could see the strange pattern of black stitches on her torso. So I led her through a short red fence (I know where I got that from) and to her dad who was drinking beers on the patio. I called his name and told him that I had "her" and it was time to say goodbye because she had to go. he came over, hugged her, kissed her foreheadand walked away. I took her back out front and handed her back to the indian who rode away into the clouds with her. 
The next night I had a dream that my ex-got into a fight and got into a car wreck with my son and my stepson in the car and Craig ran but both the boys died. 
I think it's all just stress and not having control. I haven't remembered a dream since my son came back home
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