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i'm going...

last night was a night of convoluted, many-flavored dreams. or maybe it was just one dream that stretched over the whole evening, taking me to all sorts of surreal and strange places. i had a really hard time falling asleep and i got less sleep than usual. i dreamed all the way up until my alarm went off. i don't really remember what order these went in (except the last part), but i'll try to recall it as accurately as possible, in the hindsight of waking life...

i was in a large van in the parking lot of mcdonald's. we were packing up to flee from something horrible. i was trying to figure out all the things i needed to bring. i put my pc tower into a mesh bag and i packed a bunch of clothes. the bags were sitting outside the van somewhat unguarded. i realized that and went out to check on them. someone had smashed the top of my pc and taken out my hard drives. i was incredibly upset -- not only were all my saved files gone, but there are some very compromising pictures on my hard drives that i didn't want anyone to see.

so i drove home, very upset, and asked my mom's boyfriend to help me out -- basically, i wanted him to go back to mcdonald's and see if he could find the perp. instead, he went to fry's and bought me some new computer equipment. i was incredulous when he got back, so i went to mcdonald's myself. i saw a youngish woman with a heavy jacket on and i grabbed her and yelled "what's in your jacket?" she had hidden my hard drives away in her jacket and i was able to retrieve them -- hoping the whole time that the drives hadn't been damaged.

another part of the dream involved helping nate (from "six feet under") fix the windows in our (?) house. somehow the left-hand windows (in a bay window set) were all smashed and we were trying to cover them up with whiteboards, pieces of lumber and screens. basically, anything we could get our hands on, to block the cold from coming in.

yet another part found my mom and me at safeway. it was right after thanksgiving, or christmas, and some of the safeway employees were moving "spoiled" pies from one freezer to another. the pies all had pink stickers on their labels indicating the sell by date. all the dates were in june, which was very strange. my mom told me she wanted me to pick up a pie, so i went to find one that wasn't expired and didn't have meat in it (lots of meat pies in the safeway freezer). i also picked up a cadbury cream egg with snickers pieces in the middle of it...

suddenly, i was involved in interplanetary war (ala the remake of "war of the worlds"). finally i was prepared to fight back. i was safely ensconsed in my spaceship (or was i watching this all from far away)
flying into outer space to fight the big bad aliens. i arrived at their planet and easily took out all the aliens that attacked me -- their lazer beams and ray gun fire bouncing off my thick hull. i came face to face with the center of their defense -- a giant space ship looking thing with many legs and a mast and many furling sails. it lay still for a while and i thought perhaps it was rusted and broken and abandoned by the aliens.

i was wrong. it rose up to fight me and, just as the fear was sinking in and the realization that there was really no way i could win, even though this was a movie and the good guy always wins, my alarm went off and i realized i would never find out how the great battle ends...
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