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i had a very long and complicated dream last night. for those of you who have seen the prisoner, the physical setting was very much like that island. the dream was like some long, epic journey around this island (or landscape) starting i don't remember where and ending at a birthday party for sarah.

this first part i remember involved walking through the hills of this island (or landscape) with my mom and jonathan and seeing this amazing cloud cover spilling out over the hills and down to the valley below. i paused and tried to take some pictures with my camera phone. i ended up with a beautiful picture of fog sweeping down over the pointed rocks of the hills.

the next part was some prefunctory sex with jonathan. the weirdest part of the whole sex process was that jonathan had suddenly acquired 4 or 5 golden retrievers that followed him around and needed constant attention. it was all very detailed and weird. unfortunately, i don't remember much of it now, except asking him if he had any condoms handy, since i don't use condoms and so i don't have them around.

i think after the sex, i met this strange, over the top woman who showed me around her amazing apartment in new york city (although we weren't in new york city, somehow she was able to access her nyc apartment). i really liked it, except it was heavily carpeted. she had some pets -- pigs? dogs? cats? this was a pet-heavy dream. and she kept talking about her incredible sex life.

the last part of the dream that i remember in detail was sarah's birthday party. she had all this food laid out, including sushi and cake. also included in the smorgasborg was apple juice, which i kept drinking. for some reason, sarah was getting really upset with me for drinking all the apple juice, so i tried to drink it as secretly as possible. and then, when i asked for sponge cake, she told me it was for the other guests.

sarah disappeared and then i realized the people at the table were my grandpa and maybe rico (from six feet under). i noticed how my grandpa had tons of cake piled on his plate, so i asked if i could have some. he refused to share with me and i got really pissed off. he said he just doesn't share with people. after being pissy with him for a bit, i realized that there was a whole spread of cakes on the sideboard behind him. then i woke up.
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